We have recently purchased a home in Wenatchee, and were represented by one of your Broker/Agents. The purpose of this letter is to notify you of certain matters we wish to call to your attention regarding the agent involved in our transaction, and which have a direct bearing on the reputation of Windermere. We were represented by Mrs. Jody Campbell from your office, and received exemplary services over a several year period, which are worthy of note.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a medical condition that would eventually require close access to full medical support and place my wife in a caretaker status. We lived in a beautiful remote area which, unfortunately, was unsuitable for the upcoming necessary changes in our lives. In quiet consternation, we immediately began to plan the necessary transitions, including housing changes. That summer we attended a Senior Real Estate seminar conducted by Jody Campbell, our first contact with her.  We were amazed to meet a person who understood our situation so fully, and who had so much solid information about the processes we would be going through. We were very anxious, knowing that most real estate relationships were fairly short given the nature of the business as we then understood it, and that we would need two or three years to make the changes necessary. To our immense relief, Jody committed to helping us all the way to the end of our journey, however long it took. She understood! Jody's "home-town" knowledge of Wenatchee; depth and breadth of knowledge of the market; specialty knowledge of senior real estate matters; warm and caring demeanor; personal commitment, and great personality made it seem almost too good to be true!

Over the past three years Jody has been steadfast and ever faithful in keeping us abreast of the market; informing us of local factors which would affect our placement and well-being choices, and giving us data we used to make informed selections of the appropriate moving and storage firms. Most important of all, we felt she honestly cared about us and held our welfare above any business considerations. We were never pressured, and were always comfortable that we were in 'good hands'.  She even helped us to arrange and coordinate a simultaneous closing schedule which greatly facilitated our physical move!

Could we have found an agent and home at the last minute? Perhaps, but I don't think we would be doing nearly so well as having Jody at our side all the way through.  Stress management is extremely critical to my medical condition and to my wife's well-being. Jody did a remarkable job in helping us to reduce the stress and anxieties that normally accompany such an emotional situation as we are faced with.  My doctors have commented that they were surprised at how little this move has affected my condition. I believe that Jody has directly contributed to my wellness and am eternally grateful for her support.

I highly recommend Jody Campbell to anyone who is looking for 'the best' to assist them with their real estate needs and concerns.  Windermere is well served by association with a true Realtor who is so outstanding in so many ways. We would be honored to provide our endorsement at any time.

Thank you,

John and Barb